Fuji Film and Tudor Paper

FUJICOLOR FILM is available in ISO/ASA 135-36. This emulsion delivers excellent results for general photography with enhanced colour reproduction and a very wide exposure latitude. C 200 has a very fine grain structure giving ultra sharp images that are capable of producing superb enlargements.

TUDOR PAPER is an all purpose colour paper that works equally well in digital and analogue photo printers. The base whiteness is excellent resulting in especially brilliant clean highlights. Colour reproduction, sharpness and contrast are superb, and the image permanence unsurpassed. Processing stability is very good in a wide range of chemicals. It is available in the following sizes/surfaces:-

Glossy Lustre
102mm x 186m yes yes
127mm x 186m yes yes
152mm x 186m yes yes
178mm x 90m yes yes
203mm x 90m yes yes
254mm x 90m yes yes
305mm x 90m yes yes

During the course of this year, our 90 metre rolls will gradually be replaced by a new 93 metre length.